My first time cooking Filipino food

Saturday, January 12, 2013
I made sinigang for Justin and I was quite proud of myself. Hence why I wanted to post about it since it was my first time. Since I'm marrying a Filipino guy, I figured that I better learn how to cook some Filipino food. Justin is still the better cook between the two of us, so he is still the primary cook in our kitchen, but once in a while, I'll feel adventurous to try and make some dinner. I always crave a hearty bowl of soup, so it was only fitting that I attempted to make a nice, big pot of sinigang. I put my own little twist on it by added fishballs (a staple ingredient in my house growing up) and Justin seemed to like it!

*high five* to a successful dinner for my guy. Hopefully I'll get better and better and be able to make more dishes next time!

Here's a photo of the meal. Top right: Lumpia, Top left: Rice (or Canin?), Bottom right: Sinigang, Bottom left: Calamari (bought from Costco) and in the happy guy! Love him! LOL!


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