My first time shooting a gun

Sunday, September 9, 2012
On Justin's uncle's lakeside property in Eckville, AB, not only were we able to ride around on the ATV (see previous post), but we were also able to shoot a gun! This was my first time shooting a gun in my LIFE! I can't remember what kind of gun it was (9mm hand gun perhaps?!) but boy, was it scary holding that much POWER in your hands. I could've taken someone's LIFE with that thing! I was hesitant to shoot it at first, but after much coaxing and convincing from Justin and his cousins, and a mini tutorial on how to use a gun from Justin's uncle, I actually took a shot! Here is a photo and a video of me shooting the gun. I've also attached a photo of Justin shooting and of course, he's like a PRO!

According to Justin, the next time we are up at his uncle's lakeside resort, he'll probably have other guns for us to shoot around (yes, he's got more than just one gun...he's got like 4-5 I believe!). Let's see if I have a better shot next time. LOL!


Victoria Chan said...

Stewart has wanted me to go with him to the gun range but i'm hesitant to go too!

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