My first engagement! (and hopefully my last! LOL!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Hi Friends!

So yes, I know I am very late on this post since I've been engaged now for 3 weeks now!

Everyone must be wanting to hear about the whole proposal here it goes!

It was the week before our 4 year anniversary and we were lying in bed when Justin rolled over to tell me that since Allan was going to be in town that weekend, he arranged for Allan to take some nice photos of us as his anniversary present to me. I thought that was a GREAT idea and was happy that he would plan something like that since we don't have many nice photos of us. I immediately starting planning outfits, hair and make-up! I was totally excited.

Our anniversary is October 12 and that evening, we went out to Clive Burger for dinner. Since we were in the market for a house, we kept our celebration low key and simple. We didn't want to go out for an expensive dinner since we were on a budget. So a burger joint did the trick! After dinner, we met up with Allan for a drink. It was a great evening with good food, good drinks and we were just happy to have a friend visiting from Vancouver!

So Saturday rolls around, and mine and Justin's plan that day was to look for a good location for our photoshoot. We headed out to Prince's Island Park in downtown Calgary to scope out the location. We've been there once before for a picnic after work. It reminds me of a mini version of Stanley Park in Vancouver. After walking around the park for a while, it was time to pick Allan up from his hotel and start our photoshoot. Allan said that he was acting a bit weird because he was so nervous, but I didn't notice! Haha! We took him to Prince's Island Park and he started snapping photos right away. In my mind, I'm trying to remember every nice photo I've pinned on my Pinterest page as we strolled through the park. LOL! If you know me, you know I've pinned TONS of photo ideas already for all occasions of my life! Haha! Anyways, Justin lead us over to the Peace Bridge in the park and Allan was directing us to get the perfect pose. After a few snaps, he told me to turn around so that I'm looking over the bridge. I did so and was waiting for Justin to join me. After a few seconds and realizing that Justin was not standing beside me anymore, I turned around and found him on his KNEE!! All I could say was,
"What are you doing?! What are you doing?!"
and all I heard him saying was,
"Give me your hand! Give me your hand!"
I think he tried to say something else, but he was stumped for words and I was starting to break into ugly cry when he pulled out the ring box and fumbled to get the ring out of it. I was crying and laughing all at the same time and Allan was running around us snapping photos along the way and finally Justin asked me the question I had been waiting for and of course I said "YES!!!"

I know you've probably all seen the photos already but I'll post them here anyways, coz Allan did such a great job on them! The photos make it look so romantic and perfect, but if you heard the whole conversation as I've mentioned above, it's actually more comical than romantic! LOL!

Anyways, sorry for taking so long to get this post up! Hope you enjoyed! And to those who left a Facebook message or video on the group page that Justin set up, thank you sooooo much! Those messages were awesome and made me super happy!

Now, who's going to help me plan this wedding! LOL!


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