My first time staying home sick

Monday, November 19, 2012
I caught the flu bug Friday morning and it just won't leave me alone!! I had a fever of 40.1 degrees Celsius on Friday and it didn't go away till Sunday morning. I was breaking out in cold sweats and soaked through 2 pairs of pajamas. My body ached so bad that I could barely get out of bed. I haven't gotten sick like this in a long time. Usually I get the common cold/cough, but this was a full blown flu. Both Justin mom and I got it but it didn't hit her as hard. How ironic that I work at a clinic and have access to all these doctors yet I didn't bother to go see one when I was running a high fever. I guess I also should've gotten my flu shot.

Anyways, so yes, today I am home alone nursing this flu and hopefully will be back to somewhat normal by tomorrow.

It's days like this when I miss my mom and wish I could get her to FedEx a bowl of her chicken macaroni soup. Justin did take great care of me this weekend though so I shouldn't complain. But still, sometimes a girl just needs her mommy. Lol!


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