My first home!

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Justin and I bought our first home!

After 3 months of going to open houses and showings, Justin and I finally found a place we can call home!

We bought a two bedroom townhouse in the Patterson Heights area of SW Calgary. When searching for a new home, we wanted to stay in the SW quadrant of Calgary since it's close to Justin's parents and also close to the two clinics. We carpool most of the time to work, so it was best that we bought somewhere close to the offices. The complex we are in is called Indian Bluffs and it's in a nice and quiet neighbourhood that is mostly occupied by seniors from what we can tell! LOL! We are definitely one of the youngest couples in this whole complex. There's an apartment building that we know is for the 55 and older crowd. It's nice actually because you know there are no rowdies in our complex!

Our two level townhouse is set up a bit different than you might think. The lower level is the one-car garage and the second level is our living space. We technically have one bedroom and a den, but the den is easily converted into a second bedroom once we add doors and a closet. We have two full baths, but the master bath only has a soaker tub and the second bath only has a stand-up shower. We are planning to add a shower element to the soaker tub so that we can use it, because right now, neither of us have time to sit in the soaker tub and take a bath! Who has time to take baths nowadays!

But what I think was the selling point of the whole house, is the kitchen. See the photos below to get a feel of our awesome kitchen. It's where I feel comfortable to experiment on cooking! Haha! The previous owners were chefs and you could tell by how well kept and loved the kitchen was. We enjoy our kitchen a lot and tend to cook more dinners and eat in since we have such a nice kitchen to do it in.

The only furniture we have in our house right now is a borrowed dining set, a couple bar stools and our bed frame that we bought from a furniture store called Timothy Fred's for about $500. It's a king size, tufted bed frame in a grey tweed that adds lots of sophistication to our bedroom. We bought our king size mattress off Kijiji and we are using Justin's old side tables and chest of drawers from Vancouver right now until we can afford a nice bedroom set that matches our bed frame. We don't have a couch, so we never have people over because there is no where for them to sit! We are eyeing a sectional at Leon's Furniture that is named the "Danielle" sectional and waiting for it to go on sale before we take the plunge. There was also another sectional set at the Brick that caught our eye but that one was more expensive. 

We hope to one day have our house furnished enough so that we can have you guys from Vancouver come and stay over in Calgary if you ever wanted to come out this way! The second bedroom is our guest bedroom for now until we have a kid, then it'll be the babyroom! LOL! 

Anyways, you'll have to come by to check out our spot. It's small and quaint but it's all ours! We are HOME OWNERS! How crazy is that! *sigh* We are growing up fast eh?!

Wanna mail us something? Here's our address!
1904 Patterson View SW
Calgary, AB T3H 3J9


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