My first time on an ATV

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Today, Justin and I along with his parents, aunt and uncle and cousins all went up to Eckville, AB to spend some family time on his uncle's lakeside property. They are building an RV and Camp site on this piece of land that is supposed to be the size of Stanley Park! Crazy right?! This property used to host girl/boy scout groups for camps and retreats.

On their property, they had an ATV. Justin and his cousins were all taking a turn to whip it around the area. It was my first time on an ATV with Justin. We've been snowmobiling before so it's quite similar. Justin always thought it was romantic for a girl to be on the back of an ATV or motorcycle, holding onto a guy's waist. LOL! I thought it was pretty awesome as well. That thing is so much fun! I didn't drive it coz I'm chicken, but Justin was more than happy to have me ride on the back and hold onto him. =)

Here are some shots from the day. The views were spectacular as you can tell from the photos.

That's a photo of Justin's youngest cousin Nick and sitting in front is his cousin Mark who is also from Vancouver, living in Calgary.

And here's a little video blog (or VLOG as Youtubers like to call them) as we ripped around on the ATV. We were on a hill that overlooked the lake and the land that Justin's uncle's property was on. Yes, all the land on the LEFT side of the lake belongs to his uncle. I'm not kidding!!!


Keturah Gaulin said...

You should have try driving one for yourself, Danielle! Riding an ATV is easy as ABC!. But lookig at the photos, I think the trip would be better if the guys wore some safety gear. That way, you won’t worry about stumbling down and getting hurt. Safety is definitely the number one priority in any activity, right?

@Keturah Gaulin

Delena Millener said...

I agree with Keturah! Don't forget safety gears, helmet specially when driving a venturesome vehicle like ATV. I don't mean to scare you but the incautious use of this ride have causes thousands of serious injuries yearly. If you're planning on riding this again, I earnestly advice you wear the proper gears for a safe and fun adventure. =)
- Delena @

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